Christian Guitar Courses for All Ages.
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Easy to follow, Christian based Guitar Lessons!



"The Beginners Christian Guitar Course" by Angie Adams has been a real encouragement to me. For years I have wanted to learn to play the guitar, but I knew nothing about music.

This course is so easy to understand. It's great to be able to play a song after the first lesson! I highly recommend this course.

Jeannie Fox
(Pastor's Wife)
Questa, New Mexico





Nolan began taking lessons from Angie when he was seven. We were amazed that he was able to play a song the very first week! He learned very quickly and is now in the Intermediate Course. When he began, the lesson books came with cassette tapes.

Our five-year-old daughter, Sarah, soon picked up the guitar and started playing. She did not take lessons from Angie. She learned from the lesson book and listening to the tape!

Nolan's main problem has been timing or rhythm. We recently purchased the videotapes, which now come with the course. The videotapes have helped tremendously. We are very pleased with the guitar courses.

Marsha Jenkins
(Pastor's Son)
Wickes, Arkansas



The United Methodist Churches
P.O. BOX 607

It is my pleasure to endorse the style and quality of instruction given by Angie Adams, in the field of Christian Guitar. Angie has a style of teaching that reaches and meets most students levels, that enables the student to learn and enjoy playing the guitar.

I have been interested in the Guitar for years and have wanted to learn the instrument. I have taken private lessons and even lessons on my own, yet I did not stick with the program. I feel the motivation to remain in the guitar was not there, partly because of the direction of the courses. I wanted to play songs and hymns that would accompany my singing for the Lord Jesus Christ. Angie's lessons are proving to be that avenue to reach my goal.

Angie's unique teaching style and conduct with her students, allows for progressive growth in the guitar. The motivation and enthusiasm to stay with the program is evident, in that, I have learned more and feel more confident that I can learn this instrument.

For those who are considering learning the guitar, Angie's course will assist you in reaching your goal of playing the instrument. If you have the dedication and love for singing that gives God the praise, then this course is for you.

On a personal note, I am very thankful that Angie came my way. She is a prayer answered, for now I can play some and know more will come with dedication and practice. May God continue to bless Angie and her family, plus the Guitar course she has created.


Fred W. Hunter
Mount Ida, Arkansas



My name is Lyle Terry. I recently purchased the Christian Guitar Course from Angie Adams. I am 67 years old and suffer from arthritis and other consequences of the aging process. l am also a naturally slow learner and am left-handed. I am finding that these things are not obstacles, but challenges. I am playing the guitar right-handed and feeling comfortable doing it. I have finished the beginner's book and started the intermediate one. This course is easy because it doesn't require that you can read music and you can still become an accomplished guitar player.

Lyle Terry
Mena, Arkansas



Dear Angie:

All of my life I have wanted to play a musical instrument but never took the time to take lessons. I teach a senior adult bible class and I tell them not to let age hinder them from doing the things their heart desires. Well when I found out about The Beginners Christian Guitar Course for All Ages by Angie Adams, I decided to give it a try.

Well it really is true; it is for all ages. I am sixty years old and now for the first time I am beginning to play the guitar and with good results, I might add. So now I can not only tell my "seniors" but show them as well, that I have "put my money where my mouth is". With the detailed book and the instructional video you have made this course very easy to follow and understand. Angie, thank you for making this possible. God bless you.


Delores C. Long
(Sunday School Teacher)
Guyton, Georgia



Josh McDowell Ministry
P.O. Box 1000
Dallas, TX  75221

Dear Angie,

When I heard about your "Beginners Christian Guitar Course," I was very excited. I have wanted to learn how to play the guitar for quite some time. I have been taking your course for three months now and am very excited about my progress. Your guitar course is laid out in a way that is not overwhelming and easy to understand. Even individuals who have no music background at all would enjoy your course because it starts out slow with just the very basics.

I have also enjoyed your guitar video. Because my husband and I are on staff with Campus Crusade for Christ and work for the Josh McDowell Ministry, we travel quite a bit. Your video has allowed me to keep up with my lessons because I can take it on the road with me. Your video is laid out very well and easy to follow. It has been like having my own personal guitar teacher on the road!

Thank you Angie, for creating this guitar course. It has been a blessing! I look forward to the day when I can lead others (with my guitar) in praise and worship to the LORD! Thankfully Yours,

Tammy Blacke
(Staff of C.C.C.)
Dallas, Texas

A ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ International



Dear Mrs. Adams,

All my life I've wanted to learn to play the guitar. I never dreamed I'd have the opportunity of learning to play. It has been a great blessing to me to learn how to play the guitar from a Christian. Since my first lesson, I've enjoyed playing more and more. I've not only enjoyed playing the guitar for myself, but God has opened doors and used me to serve Him. This past year I had the opportunity to play music for our Bible School. Through our Bible School we saw TEN SOULS SAVED!!!!! It just thrills my soul that I was able to help (aid) possibly some of these young people.

This year at my Christian school God is also using me to play each morning during our praise time.

Just recently our Church has started a praise time before Bible study on Sunday mornings for children. Once again God is using the talent that he has given me, nurtured by your instruction. I pray that in the future God will continue to use and bless you (Mrs. Angie), as God is blessing and using me. I just thank my God for your dedication to teaching guitar in a Godly manner.

Ben Freeman
Watson, Oklahoma

P.S. A note from Mom: This is just a note to say THANK YOU MRS. ADAMS, for your willingness to teach in a Christian manner. God knew you would touch the lives of these children some day and he has a special purpose for them and for YOU.

May God continue blessing your ministry and blessing you.

Mrs. Tammy Freeman

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